SEO for Cork BusinessesBeing successful online now is not just one thing.  It is a combination of a range of different tactics and skills.   One of the main areas of focus for any business is being found for search.

Having your online presence show up at to top of a search result is important and can greatly influence your business growth.  And it isn’t just your website these days that show up on top of sear4ch results.  Often you see paid advertisements, a map of local businesses and then and only then links to other sites.

The tactics and expertise used to make this happen is called search engine marketing.  It requires a wide range of skills and despite what people think doesn’t always have a start middle and end.

Most businesses now do a mix of paid advertising and search engine optimisation  (SEO) for their website (working to ensure that their website is one of those first websites potentially under the map).

The reason is simple.  Research has proven that approximately 30-40% of people click on that first link over the second link (10-20%) and rapidly declining clicks after that.

So you don’t have to be a mathematician to work out the value of first place over second and so on.

So the corresponding time and effort to do this is worth it and a constant effort to retain the plum spots.

It is impossible to put the tactics of SEO and search engine marketing into one post or 100 posts for that matter but a cornerstone of it is your content and messaging.

You can’t market poor content with a weak message.  And as you need to be marketing constantly in busy, competitive spaces having a regular valuable and strong source of material will make all the technical.

So all the Adwords, social media campaigns and keyword work (and much more) will be far less productive in terms of convicning people to engage with you if you don’t have this in place.

When we work with our clients this is our first area of focus.  Yes, we are au fait with the techniques (and ther are many), but technique without core , strong material is useless.

We would love to chat with you about how you approach your content and even do a workshop to stimulate you in producing such content ideas or even aa content map