digital marketing corkSocial media is everywhere these days.  We see hashtags on TV shows, billboards and poster, radio shows use Twitter for their messaging and people think Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are real reflections on our lives.

Whatever your level of cynicism, apathy or enthusiasm for it social media for a business is an important marketing funnel.  Funnel in that when used wisely, tactically and with a mix of fun and seriousness, it can benefit your brand.

Like anything doing social media “right” takes time and attention.  Charging in and messaging “buy me” like crazy every hour is a guarantee of failure.  You may smile thinking that you won’t do this but peoples online antennae are now finely tuned to sales messaging and as finely honed to tuning you out if your online drumbeat is buy,buy, buy.

Of course, people know that you are a business and that you need to make money but for a large majority of social media users they are not there to buy.  They want to be entertained, updated, amused or all three at once.

They know that social may be something you as a business are using as an advertising and marketing medium but will rapidly screen you out and ignore you if you don’t build their trust and loyalty and eyes over time.  Their wallets may open at some stage or they mayy become advocates of your brand to their friends and connections if they aren’t the perfect customer.

Turning someone into this type of social media fan is the ultimate goal for anyone in social media marketing.  Doing it well takes thought, timing, and expertise.  Of course, no brand does it perfectly and testing new ideas, exploring new tactics (video, animations, text, blogs) to get eyes is something that is constantly evolving.

To say tasks 1-5 are what will work for every brand is inaccurate and if it was correct it would make us all top level influencer in a week.

We research your market, audience and their need, likes and dislikes and tailor your social messaging so that over time they may move deeper down the funnel and perhaps and only perhaps become a customer.

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