west cork public relationsYou might think that traditional media – newspapers, magazines, television and radio – is old hat.

Surely social media is where it’s at these days, right?  Wrong.

Although the media landscape has changed enormously over the past decade, ignoring traditional PR is a mistake and you’re leaving a valuable resource untapped. Whether it’s coverage in print or online, big name media outlets pack punch when it comes to raising your brand’s awareness.

So from providing an expert comment in an article to giving journalists access to high resolution images of your products or sending interesting statistics or industry news their way, if you provide valuable content to journalists, chances are it will get used. Organic links from media outlets with a high domain authority – think RTE,

The Irish Times online or the Irish Independent in an Irish context – is gold for your website and key to a successful SEO strategy. PR should be intertwined with and complimentary to your brand’s overall marketing strategy. Your voice, your story is what sells your products or services.

Make sure it’s finely tuned, especially when you’re putting it out there on external media channels over which you have no editorial control.

When you think of PR, you might visualise glitzy champagne launches but it’s so much more.

A PR strategy will ensure that you’ve got the right messages for the right people and that you’re putting the information out there at the right time to ensure a higher success rate.

Knowing who to contact with a story is only half the battle – how they like it packaged, when they like to be contacted and how to frame the pitch is also key.

Here at Smart Ink Studios, we have an added layer to our insight thanks to more than a decade of working in national newsrooms and dealing with the best of the best across the Irish media landscape. Our little black book of media contacts is second to none, our media lists are on point and our messaging will be spot on when we work on your pitches. Contact us today to find out how we can tell your story.