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Cuttin’ Heads Collective

Cuttin’ Heads is a Hip Hop, Beats, & Turntablism collective based out of Cork City. Cuttin’ Heads began back in 2015 when a group of DJs, Promoters, & an MC came together to promote gigs in Cork. Over the years members have run projects such as !Kaboogie, The Hobo Convention, DubCulture, Eclecto, SubSessions, Skirmish, & LiveStyles Fest. The past few years has seen the crew has gain a reputation for their high energy sets that include turntablism, live beat making, & rapping. They’ve toured Ireland playing at The Community Skratch Games, DIE, Scrobarnach, SiDuBi, Townlands Carnival, The Sugar Club, and have warmed up for the likes of Levelz & the Invisible Scratch Piklz.


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